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Essential: Desktop SMS Assistant (for Android only)

Wondershare MobileGo works like a desktop SMS assistant, helping to manage all SMS on your Android phone from computer. With it, you can save SMS and threads to computer, send and receive SMS from computer, and mark unread SMS as read.

Please launch MobileGo on your computer. Use a USB cable to connect your Android device to computer or connect it over WiFi. MobileGo will quickly detect it and show it in the primary window.

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Save SMS to Computer

Step 1. Go to the left column and click SMS. All messages will be shown on the right.
Step 2. Tick the SMS Threads you want to save and then click Save As.
Step 3. This brings up the file browser window. Find your desired place to save the SMS.
Step 4. Click save type and you get two options: .xml or .txt. Select one and click Save to save SMS to computer.

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Video Tutorial: Save SMS to Computer


Import SMS to Your Android

If you have ever exported SMS as an .xml file, you can import them back to your Android phone when you need.

Step 1. Go to the left column and click SMS.
Step 2. Click Import to bring up the Windows file browser window.
Step 3. Navigate to the save path where the SMS.xml file is saved. Choose it and click Open to add it to your Android phone.

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Video Tutorial: Import SMS to Android


Send & Receive SMS

To send a message, simply click on SMS in the left column. Then click New or New SMS to show the SMS sending box. Type away in the text field and click contact icon to select the contacts you want to send messages. After that, click Send.

When you receive SMS, MobileGo will send you a box at the lower right corner. Click it to reply the SMS. Additionally, when you get a phone call but you have no time to answer, you can directly hand it off, or hand it off and reply with a message.

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Video Tutorial: Send & Receive SMS


Mark SMS as Read

Go to the left column, click Unread Messages under SMS. All unread SMS are shown there. Tick your wanted unread SMS and click Mark As Read.


Delete SMS

In the left column, click All Messages under SMS. Tick SMS threads you want to delete. Click Delete to delete them.

To click some piece of SMS, you can choose one SMS thread and all SMS conversation will be shown on the right. Click any SMS conversation you want.

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