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Getting Started: MobileGo App

MobileGo APK is not only a must-have part to use desktop MobileGo (for Android only) software, but also a powerful smart toolbox to speed up your Android device, clean up memory, receive files from computer, permanently erase photos and videos, manage all apps on your Android device, as well as turn on or off flashlight, Bluetooth, WiFi, mobile data, ringtone, vibration, and more.

Video Introduction: MobileGo App


Smart Speed Booster

On your Android device, open MobileGo. In the main screen, tap Boost to release RAM. Besides, you can also tap App Boost and add your wanted apps or games to the boost list. Then, it will boost when you play games and media, taking photos, and surfing internet or do something else.

boost androidandroid booster


Phone Cleaner

On your Android device, open MobileGo and tap Phone Cleaner. MobileGo scans and then shows useless files to you. The useless files include system cache, app cache, privacy records, unused apps (They refer to APK files, including the installed and uninstalled) and residual junk files. Make sure what you want to clean and tap Clean.

phone cleanerclean phone


File Transfer

Step 1. Connect your Android device to computer by using a USB cable or over WiFi.
Step 2. Run desktop MobileGo on your computer.
Step 3. As you see, an Android robot shows up on your computer. Click it to show the floating window.

transfer files to android

Step 4. Go to your computer and find your wanted files, like APKs, music, video, photos, VCF and more. Drag and drop these files to the floating window. Or, simply click + Add Files to add files to your Android device.

transfer files from computer to android

Step 5. On your Android device, open MobileGo and tap settings. Choose File Transfer to preview the received files from computer.

view received files



MobileGo app gives you the power to permanently erase all or selected photos and videos to protect your privacy. Open MobileGo app on your Android device, and then tap SafeEraser.

safe eraser

Erase Photos Permanently

Tap Photo Erasing. All photo albums on your Android device are shown on the screen. Tap one album and tick photos you want to erase and tap Confirm. Then, go to the next photo album and check your wanted photos. You can also directly check the photo albums. Then, tap SafeEraser > Yes to permanently erase them.

erase photos

Erase Videos Permanently

Tap Video Erasing. Check the videos you decide to erase and tap Erase now.

erase photos


App Manager

With MobileGo app, you can install or uninstall apps in batches, and move apps to SD card to free up phone memory space. Run MobileGo app on your Android device and tap App Manager.

app manager

App Uninstaller

Tap App Uninstaller and tick your unwanted user apps and system apps. Tap Uninstall to uninstall them in batches.

Note: To uninstall system apps, you need to root your Android device to get root access.

app uninstaller

APK Manager

Tap APK Manager. In the following screen, you will see the APK files are classified into two parts. One is Installed APKs, the APKs you have installed on your Android device, but keep the APK files. The other is Uninstalled APKs, which refer to the APK files haven't been installed.

Tick your wanted uninstalled APKs and install them in batches. Or choose the installed APKs and click Delete to remove them from your Android device.

apk manager

Move to SD Card

Tap Move to SD Card. You get two categories: one is movable apps, and the other is moved apps. Just go to Movable category and select one app you want to move. Click move app to sd card to enter its detailed-info screen. Tap Move to SD card.

move to sd move apps to sd

Note: To move apps to SD card, you need to meet 2 conditions.
1. You have inserted an external SD card.
2. Your Android device allows you to move apps to SD card.(Go to Settings > Applications. Tap one app to bring its detailed-info screen. You can see Move to SD card option.)
Otherwise, you can root your Android device to get permissions.


Turn On/Off WiFi, Mobile Data, Flashlight Instantly

Now, MobileGo app has a built-in control center, which enables you to quickly turn on or off WiFi, flashlight, ringtone, mobile data, brightness, vibration, auto-rotation, stopwatch, location, camera, QR coder (built-in MG app), airplane mode and calculator. Just slide your finger from the right edget of the screen to left to open the control center, or just slide up from the bottom to do it.

Set a Sliding Mode

Open MobileGo app and tap mg app setting on the upper right corner. Go to the bottom and tap setting. This bring you the setting screen. Choose Quick Toggle. Then, turn on Quick Toggle and choose a sliding mode.

app uninstaller

Open Control Center to Turn On/Off WiFi, Mobile Data, Flashlight, Bluetooth, etc.

On your Android device, just slide your finger from the right edge on the lower half screen to the left, or slide up from the bottom. Control center appears. Then, turn on or off WiFi, Bluetooth, flashlight, mobile data and more.

control center

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