It really drives me crazy to transfer data one by one when I got a new phone. Any easy and reliable way to do that?

Keep your shirt on! Before data transfer, first check whether you have set up your new phone completely to secure your phone to avoid any problems.

What to Do with Your Brand New Phone

New Android?

New Android

  • • Activate Your Android Phone
  • • Secure Your Android Phone
  • • Sync Google or Other Accounts
  • • Install Killer Apps
  • • Monitor Data Usage

>> Follow the Step-by-step Guide Here

New iPhone?

New iPhone

  • • Activate Your iPhone
  • • Set up iMessage and Facetime
  • • Set up iCloud (Find My iPhone…)
  • • Set up Passcode or Touch ID
  • • Sync Content to iPhone

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Have finished setting up? Now it's time to transfer contacts, messages, photos and more to your new phone

Choose Your Way to Transfer Data from Old Phone to the New One

Phone - Phone

Transfer the data with the help of phone transfer tools or apps.

• Most suitable for all data types
• No internet connection needed
• 2 Phones at hand
• Safe, quick and direct
>> Ex.: Transfer contacts from Samsung to iPhone
>> Transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android

Phone - Computer - Phone

Selectively transfer data between mobile phone and computer.

• Most suitable for photos, music, videos,contacts and SMS
• No internet connection needed
• Mobile phone data transfer and management
>> Transfer files from Mac to iPhone
>> Backup Android to PC In Minutes

iTunes/iCloud - Phone

Sync your iCloud/iTunes backup to iPhone/Android

• Restore backup without resetting
• Restore backup selectively
• No Internet connection needed
>> Transfer iCloud Photos to Android
>> Restore from iCloud Backup without Reset

The Easiest and Safest Data Transfer Tool Recommended--dr.fone - Switch

• No need for Internet connection.
• No data leak danger to the public.
• Data transfer directly to your phone. No storage on any other third-party host.
One-click phone to phone transfer to send all the data to your new phone once for all.

A video tutorial to make it even easier


connect phones
Connect Phones
Choose files
Choose Files
Transfer files
Transfer Files

BONUS: See what phone you have and get more detailed guide tailored for you.

Oh yeah, the transferring work is done. But wait, what to do with your old phone to avoid data leak?

A Few Ways to Deal with the Old Phone

  • Give it away
  • Sell
  • Exchange
  • Dispose
  • Smash nuts
. . .
phone data leak

OMG, you have left your privacy in danger!
>> Learn what celebrity photo leaks can teach us

The right thing to do: User these iPhone data erasing tools to erase the data entirely to secure your privacy
Luckily, you've got 3 ways to wipe your Android or iPhone.

Delete Data Manually or Factory Reset

It's not 100% safe because data can still be recovered with recovering software.

Use Military Data Destruction Software

Tools like dr.fone - Erase ensure complete data protection, such as:

1. Military grade data erase
2. 0% chance of recovery
3. Easy-to-use for everyone

Smash Phone Physically

Data is gone entirely, so is your phone.

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Set up New Phone
Transfer Data
Safe Transfer
Dispose Old Phone
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